Visiting London

9 Things to Know Before Visiting London

Planning on visiting London? Here are nine things you should take into account before jetting off:
  1. London is expensive. A tube ride is over £2 just for zone 1 and a lunch out will cost you at least £5. All these things add up!
  2. It is easy to get around and importantly, it’s safe.
  3. There are many nice areas in London worth a visit and they are dotted around, so don’t be afraid to get on a tube or train.
  4. Pack for rain! I know it’s (enter any month of the year), but the weather changes at the drop of a hat.
  5. Take comfortable shoes. The best way to get to know London is to walk around and you do not want blisters (blister plasters are expensive, see point 1).
  6. London gets very busy. For the best experience, go in the off-season.
  7. Londoners walk fast, so try not to stand in the way or walk with your head in the clouds if you don’t want to be spotted as a tourist a mile away.
  8. You can find food-to-go pretty much anywhere and everywhere, so you won’t starve but a packed lunch will be much cheaper.
  9. Ubers are cheaper than black cabs if the tube is closed and you need to get somewhere quickly. If you’re not in the rush, take a night bus. You’d be surprised how busy they are.

Visiting London

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