What to do in Bologna, Italy

Bologna is an old town located in the northeast of Italy, dating back to around 1000BC. It is currently the seventh largest city in Italy with a population of around a million people. Most importantly, it is the home of bolognese sauce.

The City

The University of Bologna is thought to be founded in 1088, because of which it is estimated to be the first ever university. The city remains an important educational centre to this day as in addition, it has other university campuses in town. In more recent years it has also become an industrial and rail powerhouse of the north.  The city was named a UNESCO City of Music in 2006 due to its rich musical history.

The streets of Bologna

With colourful houses and streets, the city of Bologna is beautiful to visit. Famous sites include the two towers, Due Torri, which were defence towers of the city walls, the antiques market in Piazza Santo Stefano, and the Portico di San Luca. This beautiful, vaulted walkway connects Porta Saragozza and the Sanctuary Madonna di San Luca. It has 666 arcades and measures almost 4km in length.

A note: many Italian cities, including Bologna, have driving restrictions. This means that you will be fined if you drive through town and are not a resident or are staying in a hotel. We didn’t know this and got fined.


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