What to do in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is known for its beach resorts at the Southern Tip of the Baja California Sur peninsula in North-Western Mexico. On the Pacific Ocean, the resorts are a hotspot for Americans and Canadians, and in the Spring the hotels fill with spring breakers. The weather is warm year round and so there are no real off-seasons, just less busy times.

Cabo San Lucas
The marina at Cabo San Lucas
What to do in Cabo San Lucas

As its a beach town, there are many ocean-related activities to keep visitors busy such as water skiing, surfing and diving. One of my favourite things to do is whale watching. We took a boat out to look for the giant mammals and were lucky enough to find several. The whales were in a good mood and jumped and flipped several times. Our driver was careful not to get too close as a whale could easily capsize the boat, accidentally with a flip or on purpose if it felt its space was being invaded. A sister whale watching boat was pushed back by waves when one jumped and landed close to it. Whilst out on the sea, be sure to look out for the Arco de San Lucas, a natural rock formation, and the wild sea lions. You will most probably smell them before you see them.

Cabo San Lucas
The Arco de Cabo San Lucas and the town in the background

The town has a host of restaurants, bars and clubs, catering to the English-speaking crowd. It’s easy to get around as there are taxis and the buses run regularly from the resorts to the town centre.


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