Chefchaouen the Blue Town of Morocco

The beautiful town of Chefchaouen sits in the mountains to the Northwest of Morocco, not far from the Strait of Gibraltar. The town is famous for its blue streets and buildings, giving it an iconic and unforgettable look. Chefchaouen gets its name from the Berber word for goat, because the nearby mountains supposedly look like the horns of a goat.

The streets and houses are all painted in various shades of blue
Why go?

Close to the border and a unmissable stop in Morocco, Chefchaouen sees many European tourists and the locals speak more French and Spanish than in other cities, including Marrakesh I felt. There are many opportunities to buy local handicraft goods in the town, so it is where I did my first bit of haggling. While my fellow backpackers played the bongos (really), I found a leather shop and haggled for a backpack made of goat leather. It still smells like goat if I get it wet, but all in all it has been a reliable bag.

Tourists can climb a hill near the city to see these stunning views of the town

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