Hiking Outside of Geneva, Switzerland

If you’ve ever seen the Sound of Music, then you no doubt noticed the beautiful scenery of Central Europe. One day my family and I decided to pull up to a hill/mountain and went hiking outside of Geneva, Switzerland.

It’s important to say that we are not the most prepared of travellers. We read in a guidebook that once at the top there were supposedly magnificent views, as a tower had been built on the top that visitors could climb. Thankfully we all had a pair of trainers packed so we weren’t forced to climb the mountain in flip-flops.

We set of in the morning, pleased that we were doing a physical activity as a family. The views were breathtaking and we were excited for the even better photos we would get once we reached the top. After an hour’s climb or so, we got to the peak of the hill and the base of the tower. Although there was a fee to get in, to be paid into an automated machine, which we were happy to give. There was just one small issue. We only had euros as we were passing through Switzerland to get to Italy from France, but the machine only took Swiss Francs. And there were no staff members there to ask for help. No currency exchange machine. And no fellow hikers that could swap the money for us.

After about half an hour of trying, we gave up and walked back down the mountain.

Hiking in Switzerland
Europe is full of breathtaking scenery.

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