Porto: An Idyllic Getaway in Western Europe

Portugese tiles
The houses are beautifully decorated with traditionally patterned tiles.
Porto: A Quiet Town

The beauty of Europe is its small town feel, even in its cities. Portugal’s second largest city, Porto, hardly feels crowded enough to be classed as such as it only has around 300,000 inhabitants. Known for its bridges, it is bursting with charm and is the origin of porto wine, so is a must visit for port lovers.

I made a stop there a few years ago and fell in love with the town’s beautiful scenery and landscapes. It sits in the north of Portugal and offers stunning ocean views. Some of the houses are beautifully decorated with intricately patterned tiles (see photo above). The historical centre has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1996. I also found the locals friendly, mostly because they smiled and were very patient with my embarrassing attempts to speak Portuguese.

Row boats
Porto is a seaside town and naturally there are many amazing fish restaurants.
Picture Perfect

Back when I visited, my family only had one dog, Bailey. He travels sat on my mum’s knee in the front where he has a nice view of what’s going on. We pulled into town by accident as we used to travel wherever we felt like that morning. As we slowed down in the town centre to figure out where we could stay, three elderly women caught sight of our handsome dog sat up front. They began pointing and talking quickly in Portuguese. They disappeared into a house and reemerged with cameras. It seems Bailey was such a gorgeous dog they needed a photo (or ten)!

River lights
The charming town of Porto at dusk.

I would love to go back to Porto, given the chance because it was such a charming town, I’m sure there is much more to discover there and in the other towns and villages of Portugal!

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