Heróica Puebla de Zaragoza or Puebla City, Mexico

Puebla, officially Heróica Puebla de Zaragoza, is one of Mexico’s largest cities, yet it retains its quiet charm. Only two hours drive away from the capital, the city is home to many who seek to escape the hustle and bustle of Mexico City yet remain within easy reach. Technically, it is part of the Mexico City megalopolis. The state sits between the capital, and the seaside state of Veracruz, famous as one of Mexico’s biggest ports.

Although charming, Puebla is in fact a huge city, home to millions.
Why visit Puebla?

Home to over 3 million people, the city attracts students nationwide with its rich educational and cultural offering. Over 5,000 baroque, renaissance and classic architectural style buildings meant the city was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. More recently, it has attracted workers with the establishment of automobile manufacturing plants.

The active volcano, visible from most parts of the city.
What to do in Puebla

From within the city, it is possible to spot the nearby volcano Popocatépetl that sits on the border between Mexico City, Puebla, and Morelos. Although beautiful to admire, climb at your own risk as it is the most active volcano in Mexico.

The most famous dish is without a doubt mole, a dish that combines over 50 ingredients, including chocolate. Another classic are chiles en hogada, stuffed chiles dowsed in sauce and covered with pomegranate seeds. This is most often eaten during the 15 September festival. If in town on the 5 of May, then you must celebrate cinco de mayo, a festival that celebrates Mexican troops defeating the French in 1862 in the town.

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