St Jean de Luz, Basque Country

When on your way down to Spain, be sure to make a stop in the Basque country and pass through St Jean de Luz. Technically in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques in South-Western France, the town is unmistakably Basque.

St Jean de Luz
The seaside town of St Jean de Luz

It is famous for being the place of marriage of Louis XIV, King of France, and the Spanish Princess Maria Teresa in 1660. It was also the port from which almost 25,000 Polish troops were evacuated in WWII. Close to Biarritz and Bayonne, the town and the area are now a popular seaside spot for the French and Spanish alike.

Visitors to St Jean de Luz can enjoy its beaches, calm atmosphere, walk the promenade Jacques Thibaud, visit the Eglise Saint Jean-Baptiste and the Casa del Infante, home of the Princess Maria Teresa (which incidentally I mistook for a beautiful hotel).

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