Swimming Through Cave Rivers in Mexico

Swimming Through Cave Rivers in Mexico

Last week I went swimming through cave rivers in Mexico! It was so much fun, I really hope everyone who goes to Quintana Roo (the state of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum) takes the time to do this.

Swimming Through Cave Rivers in Mexico
There is another river that you can take a boat ride down.

Just outside of Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean coastline is one of the world’s first eco-tourism parks, Xcaret. It was built 25 years ago and has done so well other parks in the are have been created.

The Rivers

The park contains three natural rivers that flow through the park and through caves, out to the sea. The waters are crystal clear and when not in dark caves, you can see the bottom.

The park provides life jackets and flippers (optional) and locked bags to store all your clothes and valuables (such as phones that don’t deal with water too well). The staff lock the bags with a padlock, give you the key and then take them to the other end of the river where you will get out.

Swimming Through Cave Rivers in Mexico
Swimming down the river!

There are three routes that can be taken: one mostly out in the air, one half outdoors half caves, and one mostly caves. Sadly the third was closed when I visited, but I thoroughly enjoyed the other two!

Another amazing thing about the rivers is that there are many points where you can scan your park entrance bracelet and have your photo taken, then purchase them at the end. Just make sure you don’t lose anything on your swim – when I was there a man lost his wedding ring!


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