The British Museum

Of the many museums in London, my favourite is without a doubt the British Museum. It has free entry (although there are paying exhibitions) and is a wonderful treasure trove to stroll through at leisure.

My university was one street accross so I loved to head over between classes and browse through the Chinese and Indian sections, which surely  counted as study time for my Chinese and Hindi classes, right?

Central hall and staircases in the British Museum, London England

Stroll through the magnificent central hall and veer off into an exhibition room. In addition to hunting for Shang dynasty vases and jade Ganesh statues, I loved running round the pottery collections, admiring the mumies in the Egyptian section and I loved the statues in the Greek department. My favourite single display is the medicine display. It shows all the pills a man and woman ingest in their lifetime, which is honestly a worrying amount.

My favoutites most probably won’t be yours. Go have a wander and tell me in the comments section what your favourite displays or sections are!


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