"The Coldest Winter"

Now, I would like to know something. Why me? Why is does it always happen to me? Everyone knows Beijing is more than a bit chilly in the winter, but why does it have to be the coldest winter in decades when I am here?

Ask any elderly Chinese person about the cold and they will tell you, it is always cold in winter but they can’t remember it ever been cold like this. There have been regular cold waves in China, and I think I will never see warm days again (at least not until I leave China). Of course, this is exaggerated a little. However, on the 1st of November 2012, I woke up to snow, and the heating wasn’t turned on in my house. It was very cold. Some days in December, I woke to temperatures of -12, -15 or even -18. Needless to say, the day it was -18 at 7 in the morning, I laughed, rolled over and went back to sleep. No way was I going to class. On Christmas eve, the temperature was -17, and the wind was cruelly sharp. I can’t remember ever being so cold.

A frozen pagoda in Beijing

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