Top 5 Things to do in Kraków, Poland

I loved Kraków. The town is steeped in history and there are so many places to visit. Once you’ve finished, sample some of the local vodka. My favourite was blackberry-flavoured, although lemon is a more common and traditional flavouring.

  1. Visit the main market square. Surrounded by old buildings and with the historic market in the centre, the main square is still bustling with traders and entertainers.

    The main square in Kraków, where the market is held
  2. Visit the Schindler Factory Museum. I’m sure you’ve also seen the film, Schindler’s List. Well, this is where you can find out more about what happened during WWII. It is also worth noting that there is a large number of synagogues in Kraków, as there was formerly a thriving Jewish population.
  3. Tour Wawel Castle. This 14th century UNESCO World Heritage was formerly the home to Kings and Queens of Poland.

    Wawel Castle, Kraków, Poland
  4. Visit the National Museum. It has three permanent exhibitions, the Gallery of 20th-Century Polish Painting, the Gallery of Decorative Art, and Polish Arms and National Colours. It’s now a museum and houses a Da Vinci, The Lady with the Ermine.
  5. Eat Polish food and drink vodka. If you can only try one thing, try Kopytka, fried potato dumplings. They are a traditional Polish comfort food and are delicious. I tried to find a polish cookbook just to make these, but couldn’t find one in English.

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